Ranjeeth Thunga, Founder and Perspective Analyst

I feel realizing our True Self is our highest priority and resolving conflicting views as our deepest challenge. I’ve spent half my life exploring Consciousness through meditation, dialog, research, and note-taking.

I’ve graduated from, and conducted mind/brain research at, Johns Hopkins University and worked as a technology specialist through the Fund for the City of New York. I studied human perspectives in detail for a decade, through Perspective Mapper and other projects.

I’ve seen many beautiful and ugly sides of humanity, which I hope to help bring out, expose, and heal. In addition to Perspective Link, I am developing a web business focusing on various themes. More information at Internal Depth.

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Arushi Bhatia, Asst. Perspective Analyst

Hey! Here you meet a forever going-old-school person! I’m a finance student who wants to set up an NGO of her own.

I love talking to people but am nowhere close to being talkative, rather shy. Can be mistaken for a nerd but nowhere close to one!

I love reading and writing, and want to write about anything and everything. I crave for good food and open minds!

Have a dying passion for learning new languages.
Dream is to never have a plan and do whatever the heart skips a beat at!