Perspective Link was launched June 2017. However, it is based on over 10 years of history, in the form of research and contemplation, as well as formal online outreach and services.

The project is a sequel of a project called Perspective Mapper. While Perspective Mapper emphasized the ways each of our perspectives is unique, Perspective Link emphasizes what all perspectives have in common.

About our Name

Our perspective not just defines the way we see the world. It defines our world itself. Whatever our beliefs, there is no denying our perspectives play a role in shaping the very nature of our experience.

So a good place to start addressing any challenge is on the level of perspectives.

Yet it’s not just about our perspectives and mapping them out. That’s not enough to address our challenges. What are our perspectives pointing to? Is there a greater truth at play here?¬† How are our perspectives actually¬†linked?

Thus, the name Perspective Link.

Corporate Structure

It is currently under umbrella of the US-registered company, Skills & Wisdom, LLC. Its final corporate structure is to be determined, but most likely it will spin off into its own B-Corporation or not-for-profit corporation.