Terms and Conditions


The final terms for content shared on the site haven’t been finalized, but they will likely follow current policies of Wikipedia.

In a nutshell, by submitting content to the site, you are giving and inviting Perspective Link and our editors the full right to use, alter, and derive additional content and insights based on what you share.

If you would like to use material from this site, you are free to do so long as the source of the material Perspective Link (or Perspective Mapper), as well as individual authors, are acknowledged — as per the terms of our Creative Commons licensing below.

(Creative Commons, as opposed to standard copyright, allows far more flexible terms in using and sharing information.)

If you are sharing content via a URL, then the copyright of such material is independent of Perspective Link. We are not responsible for material posted via URL.


This site is an open site. Any private or confidential information should not be posted.

While we ultimately can’t completely police the site, we will make efforts to curate and filter details that might not be meant for or appropriate for public consumption.