We transcend the separation between our partial, egocentric, conflict perspectives. Humanity is able to fully empathize with each other’s views and find Common Truth and Purpose.

Perspective Link would like to play a role, small or large, in this process.


Develop and offer a community platform for uncovering the Truth we share in common.


Arrive at clarity on the following questions:

1) Who are we?
3) How are we all connected?
3) What are we here to do?


We collect detailed perspectives from different people on a variety of areas.

This includes people’s unique goals, vision, and outlook as well as our relationships and worldviews.

We approach the topic from a variety of lenses, including scientific, spiritual, psychological, political, and technological perspectives…among others.

By integrating these perspectives, a broader picture will emerge.

And by transcending these perspectives, a Deeper Truth will become apparent.

Benefits to Us

Personal – Live a more focused, purpose-oriented life.

Interpersonal – Connect on the level of respect, compassion, and integrity.

Societal – Build systems that take into account a greater breadth and depth of views, working together in harmony.


Please share your views. Contact us below.